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Copywriting Testimonials for Tengo Communications

"Tengo Communications has dramatically focused and strengthened our marketing message. Previously, our materials were heavy on features and technical language and did not speak to our customers in a compelling way. Tengo has transformed our message. The words jump off the page and better convey what we are about and the benefits our product offers.”

-- David Stevens, Director of Research & Design, Symphony Learning


"I was about to launch my website after spending enormous amount of time, energy and money when I decided I just did not like the copy. Sanjay said he could fix it and it would not take long. Sanjay turned it around in 48 hours and modified my copy to a point that it jumped off of the page. Great job!"

-- Lee Segal, CEO, Segal Commercial Properties

“Sanjay Nambiar has provided great copy and awesome results for my company. We've been re-designing our brand and needed powerful words to guide the visuals...Sanjay and Tengo Communications to the rescue. The verbiage that Sanjay provided has allowed us to add the visuals to our brand management strategy that's created a robust sales strategy!”

-- Tonya Haynes, CEO, Phoenix Business Development Group

“Sanjay translates ordinary pages of explanation into a few sentences of pithy clarity, spoken in content customers are searching for. This requires high intelligence, skill and a passion to deliver excellence. Working with Sanjay has been a treat.”

-- Steven Allen Smith, Family Law Attorney

“Sanjay has written two very eloquent speeches for me, which expressed exactly what I wanted to convey to the audience. It was as if the words came from my own heartfelt feelings. I have no doubt I will be asking for his writing expertise in the future."

-- Leslie G. Shepherd, Community Leader

“Sanjay has done some great work for Intermark Media. He was an essential part of our 2010 Media Kit and client presentation we created for our clients this year. His insight and writing skills were excellent and his turnaround time was as well."

-- Danielle Krongel, CMO, Intermark Media


“Sanjay's first draft was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! I loved it. He hit every point in my mind . . . I really did not have a thing to change. It was like all my thoughts just appeared on paper! Excellent job."

-- S.E., Entrepreneur, Speech given at a groundbreaking ceremony for a building named in the client's honor


“Tengo Communications is a great resource for creative, compelling copy. Sanjay Nambiar has contributed to various product-specific projects, providing catchy, "out-of-the-box" copy that hits the target market and sets the product apart from the competition.”

-- Rhonda Frazier, Senior MarComm Editor, Epson


“When I dream I write like Sanjay. My wedding speech for my daughter hit her heart and everyone else in the room. I became a hero. Thank you."

-- R.K., Michigan


"We had an unusual challenge--we had a lot of source material for our health management application, but needed someone to turn it into an experience that was fun, interactive and engaging for our end users. Sanjay was immdiately able to grasp what was needed and came up with several imaginative ideas to engage, entertain and educate our users. He helped transform our application from a straightforward presentation of facts to an immersive and interactive experience. I would recommend him without hestiation to anyone who is looking to craft a message that is both engaging and informative."

-- Thomas Joseph, Founder & CTO, Ascleipeia, Inc.


“I’m extremely happy with the copywriting. Sanjay did a fantastic job and I would recommend him to anyone. I look forward to working with him again – he was definitely the right choice.”

-- -- Jeanny Koppel, President, Fund Management, Inc.


“I want to thank you so much for helping me write my speech. I got a lot of compliments from every one that was present in the ballroom. Some of them came to me and said that they have attended so many weddings and heard the speeches of Groom or Bride’s parents but they have never heard such a powerful and effective speech ever. It was a memorable one. Most importantly, my son and his wife were very much impressed by the speech. They told me a hundred times that it was the most amazing speech. My daughter even gave me a standing ovation. It meant so much to me because they are my own kids and they themselves are so talented. Once again, I am very grateful to you.”

-- I.D., New Jersey


"We are a leading PR agency in L.A. and Sanjay is one of our best writers. He has an amazing range of skills and can write about most anything. Our clients are always pleased with his press releases and other work, and he is an invaluable part of our team."

-- Devon Blaine, CEO, The Blaine Group


“I hired Sanjay repeatedly to help craft the perfect message that sells for our video and website projects. Sanjay is brilliant, easy to work with and posses a work ethic that is rare to find. I recommend Sanjay without hesitation.”

-- Robert S. Grossman, President & CEO, Focus Creative Group


“Tengo Communications helped us get it right from the start. We gave them a rough concept of what we were looking for and a collection of write-ups we had created over time for various services. They immediately understood the important parts of the business and with great editing and creative graphics led us quickly to a terrific finished product.”

-- Kurt Karlsgodt, Vice President, Glenn M. Reiter & Associates


“We love hiring Tengo Communications because they get it right for our clients every time!”

-- Bonique Edwards, CEO, Kaleidoscope Consulting Group


"Sanjay and the extended team at Tengo Communications are extremely qualified and produce content and designs that fit the industry and the marketplace. The products that they deliver always exceed our expectations."

-- Chris Holbert, CEO, SecuraTrac LLC


“Sanjay worked with me to turn a legal matter into a story with heart and soul that could be appreciated by lawyers and non-lawyers, alike. A real pro!”

-- Marlo Van Oorschot, Attorney/Mediator


“Sanjay Nambiar of Tengo Communications was a lifesaver and Godsend for the literary content of our website as well as the writing of very important documents for our high profile clients. Tengo Communications is devoted, timely, professional and offers superb and impeccable literary material! 3LMD is so thankful and confident in Tengo Communications!”

-- Lori M. Hobbs, M.D., 3LMD


"Sanjay is a fantastic copywriter and reliable resource. I have an extremely busy schedule, but Sanjay's help with our messaging and copy has saved me significant time and energy. And, his quality of work is unbeatable, so our partnership with him has been a boon in many ways for us."

-- Tracy Kwiker, CEO, Pivotal Events


“I had wanted to write an article for a year and could never get the drive to do so. But Sanjay made it incredibly easy for me. He listened to my story and wrote a competent, informative, and coherent article that was far better than anything I could ever have written. He was worth every penny.”

-- Robert A. Cohen, Esq., Attorney & Partner, Anker, Reed, Hymes, Schreiber & Cohen


"Sanjay has provided us with high impact copy"

-- Norm Fogwell, CEO, Second Image


"Sanjay Nambiar of Tengo has been a tremendous asset for Serene. He has an uncanny ability to combine the creative and business sides, which makes his copywriting extremely effective. Plus, he's great at explaining complex topics. This is especially important for a high-tech company like Serene."

-- Ajit Kumbhare, CEO, Serene Corporation


“With the plethora of copywriters in and around the LA area, Sanjay Nambiar (Tengo Communications) stands out above the rest. His professionalism and ability to write on niche fields is what brought Super Color Digital to his door and it’s his great work that keeps us coming back. From press releases to newsletters, websites to company motto, Sanjay Nambiar has all the tools necessary.”

-- Christian Florin, Marketing Executive, Super Color Digital


"I would highly recommend Sanjay to any company looking for a talented copywriter who understands business and can precisely translate thoughts into words."

-- Lauren Ziskie, Marketing Executive, Dialogue Marketing


"Wow! I'm speechless! Simple and with power!"

-- Noble Djeb, Non-Profit Organization helping homeowners in debt


“Working with Tengo Communications has been a great experience for our new business. Tengo has served us with great professionalism and responsiveness. The customer service is excellent. We will surely recommend Tengo to our friends and family.”

-- Azuka Onyia, CEO, Zolts Limited

About Tengo Communications

Tengo Communications is a copywriting firm.

We provide writing services and effective messaging for businesses in all stages of growth, from local entrepreneurs trying to break into an industry to large, established companies who want to sharpen their messaging. We also work with advertising agencies and public relations firms. Our writing services can help you successfully develop almost any type of collateral, including web sites, brochures, business plans, executive summaries, newsletters, and press releases.

Many of our clients are brilliant businesspeople. But, they often don't have the time or skilled resources to create effective, engaging copy. This is where we can help.

For more information or to discuss a specific project, please contact us at: (310) 433-4234 or info@tengocommunications.com

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